The “Free Spirits” series of novels is centered on the Free Spirit Connection – a sex-positive religious movement founded on the Divine values of love, truth, peace, and bliss.

Peri’s Bliss introduces readers to the Free Spirit Connection, and follows Peri Winger as she finds love and bliss with Lila and Andrew … and more! Get your copy here!

Bridget’s Calling centers on a high-class escort who offers companionship, pleasure and even healing to both clients and friends. Get your copy here!

Hannah’s Healing follows a young woman who left an abusive home in the Amish community, finding a new life with the guidance of the Free Spirits. Get your copy here!

Amalia’s Truth takes you inside the leadership of the Free Spirit Connection, through the eyes of a passionate activist. Get your copy here!

Laurie’s Liberation tells the story of a woman who comes to the Free Spirits with desires and secrets. Get your copy here!

Zoe’s Quest follows the erotic escapades of a young woman exploring her sexuality while wresting with a dark future. – Coming soon!

And keep checking for more novels in the series!

Some fans have started a Wiki for the Free Spirits series!