Laurie Franklin hoped to start a new life in the city of Stallbrook. There she met members of the Free Spirit Connection, including the handsome and charming Tony Graham, nephew of the city’s police chief. Their provocative ideas, passionate convictions, and open eroticism awaken new thoughts and feelings in her, bringing her joy and love as she’d never known before. But what if her new friends found out her secret – and worse, if one dangerous woman from her past tracks her down?


Carlos brought the two glasses of cool water, handed her one, and sat next to her, one arm casually propped on the edge.

“Well,” he began, “I can tell that you’re nervous, so I’m guessing that this is your first time retaining the services of an escort.”

She took a sip, let the water settle on her tongue, then a bigger sip to cleanse her mouth, before cupping the glass in her hands on her lap. Laurie looked into his eyes. “And I’m guessing that everything I tell you here will stay confidential?”

He gave a reassuring nod. “Absolutely.”

“This is my first time with a man. Ever. I don’t know if that frightens you or – ”

“No,” he said softly. Each waited for a second, before he spoke again, putting his glass on the coffee table and lacing his fingers together: “Why don’t you tell me what brought you to this point. As much as you’re comfortable sharing.”

“All right,” she agreed. She took another gulp of water, put her glass next to his, and opened up: “When I was eighteen, I felt called to become a religious sister, and I spent several years there before I figured out that it wasn’t right for me. I was sure that I was a lesbian, and after leaving the order, I fell in love with a woman, and we were together for about five years, before I admitted to her that I was also attracted to men, at least sometimes. I tried to assure her that I had no intention of leaving her for anyone, but she clearly felt threatened by all of this so … here I am, starting over in a new city. And still wondering … what it would be like.”

Carlos sat still next to her, gently nodding, taking it all in, before responding. “Well, Laurie, I can do my best to provide you with some idea of what it would be like, and to make it as enjoyable as possible.”

“All right.”

“I’d like to suggest, after this conversation, and after you’ve taken some time to freshen up, that we begin with a light massage. Are you amenable to that?”

“Yeah. I’d like that.”

“And, after the massage, is there anything you’d either want us to do, or anything off limits for you?”

Laurie took a very deep breath, and pondered the possibilities before her. “I don’t want to kiss. Not on the mouth, anyways.”


“You can kiss my body, even go down on me.”

“All right. I’ll use a dental dam for that.”

“Thank you. And a condom?”

“Of course. Did you want to perform oral on me?”

“Uh-h-h … I’m not really all that sure.”

He reached over and placed his fingertips on her shoulder. “Why don’t we hold off on that for tonight, all right?”

She smiled at him. “Sure. But … I do want – ” She had to take an enormous breath before she could say it. “I do want sex. You inside me, I mean.”

“Intercourse,” he clarified, and she nodded. “I’d like to ask something, just to guide me. Is penetration new to you?”

“Oh, no. I’ve done it while masturbating, so … as long as you take it slow.”

He nodded and smiled. “I’ll let you decide when the time is right for that.”

She shrugged. “I appreciate that. Anything else you, uh, need to know?”

Carlos shifted a bit. “Well, can you think of anything else?”

She hummed for a moment. “Not right now.”

“Well, if something comes to mind while we’re in the middle of things, just say my name and tell me what it is.”

Laurie nodded, smiled, and when Carlos gestured towards the bathroom, she rose from the couch and walked over. The talk had done a world of good, assuring and calming her. Once inside the small bathroom, she began to get undressed, and turned on the shower, making sure the water was just warm enough. He’d already left a large towel, washcloth, and small bar of soap for her to use. Standing in the shower, she could also hear him through the door, getting things ready. When she was done, and had dried herself off, she wrapped the towel about her body and put her hand on the doorknob.

“Are you all set?” she called out to him.

“All set,” he called back.

Laurie opened the door and stepped back into the main room…

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