Peri Winger was quite content as a single woman, occasionally having fun at area swinger parties. Then she meets Lila, who introduces her to the Free Spirit Connection – a new religious movement with a radically positive view of sexuality – and the charming Andrew who would join them in an open triad. Peri finds ecstasy as she communes with others in this spiritual community, and in time becomes a leader and defender of the faith. But they also face scrutiny from more puritanical elements in their city, who do not approve of how fast the Connection is growing. And when Peri and her friends discover a dark secret, it could lead to all-out holy war!


It wasn’t that big a surprise when Darla decided to come to the meetinghouse one Sunday. But Peri was caught off guard when she and Amalia asked to see her in a communion room. As if to reassure her, Amalia said this was just to talk – nothing physical to occur. She had also planned to go with Lila and Andrew for coffee later, but they agreed to push that back an hour on their behalf.

The meeting was only about twenty minutes, and she went for a walk before going to the nearby coffee shop. The two were running late, which actually worked out, as there was a wait for one of the booths. By the time they arrived, one opened up in back, and they took it as quickly as they could.

“So,” Lila began, with her cards-on-the-table demeanor, “if you can’t tell me what Amalia and Darla wanted, that’s fine.”

“Oh, I think I can tell you.”

“Does it involve us?” Andrew inquired.

“No, but it might pique your interest.”

Lila gave her an impish smirk. “They got the hots for you?”

She returned the smile. “Something like that.”

“But they didn’t want to commune right then?” he wondered.

“Because,” she explained, “they have something more, ah, elaborate in mind.”

“Ooh!” Lila teased. “Peri explores the dark side!”

Peri rolled her eyes. “For your information, missy, I’m not exactly a stranger to kink.”

“I’ve heard there’s some overlap,” Andrew observed, “with the swinger community.”

“Mm hm. They often set up dungeons at events and resorts. And, yes, I did dabble in female dominance a couple of times.”

Lila leaned over the table. “And did you like it?”

Peri leaned over to her. “Naked guy kneeling at your feet, eating your pussy? What’s not to like!”

They all snickered, Lila putting her hands over her face until she recovered. “So, when is the momentous day?”

“They’re hoping Saturday. They’ve already been working on the arrangements for this, and things are almost set.”

Andrew waved one hand in a circle. “What exactly, if you don’t mind my asking, are they looking to do?”

Peri paused, mouth open and eyes gazing up in thought, as she figured how to describe in a nutshell. “It’s a bisexual gangbang role-play fantasy.”

Lila raised her eyebrows with an intrigued expression. “My, my! And I take it Darla’s the one to be banged?”

“It’s her fantasy, actually. I’ll just need to discuss things with the other participants online, buy something at Lilith’s Passion, and maybe arrange transportation.”

“Well,” Lila said, lifting her coffee cup, “here’s hoping you have lots of fun.” They all clinked their cups together, and talked a couple of hours more before they parted company. Lila did spend a moment with Peri, whispering something to her which excited her so much that, when she returned home, she felt an urgent need to jill off…

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