Zoe Morton has a list. No longer under the thumb of her controlling mother and stepfather, she’s hitchhiked across country to start a new life, looking to try all sorts of erotic escapades. Among the Free Spirits in the city of Stallbrook, she finds fertile ground to satisfy her sexual desires and curiosity, and even make some money doing it. But there’s a dark reason behind her checking off all those items on her list – and she’s going faster than expected. What will Zoe do once she’s finished? Will she carry out her final plan, or will her quest lead her elsewhere?


All that was left was to sit and wait. And get horny waiting. Zoe was tempted to hike up her skirt and masturbate, but imagined this gal walking in on her. She then noticed that the office door had a deadbolt lock, so she went over to check if it worked. Yes, it did, with a loud click. Perfect – just the right touch.

She sat back down and looked over the resume. There were a few key items, and then on the bottom half some playful gibberish. The letters were also dummy documents, for use as props. She went over in her mind what questions to ask, and practiced at sitting up ramrod straight, exuding the authority of a boss.

Three knocks on the outside door. “Hello?”

Zoe smiled as she popped out of her chair and went into the reception area. There she was – petite, with her jet-black hair in a ponytail, dressed in a pale blue blouse with dark blue ribbon tie, short black pleated skirt, and white knee-high socks with black buckled shoes. She looked so young, so deceptively innocent, so nervous biting her lower lip.

“Katherine Sung?”

“Yes, ma’am.” Such a sweet-sounding voice!

She extended her hand in a businesslike manner. “Zoe Morton. Good to meet you.”

She shook her hand with a broad smile. “Oh, thank you for the opportunity.”

“Right this way,” she said, and they entered the office space. Zoe gestured to the seat in front of the desk, then went behind the desk, and both sat down. “So, do you prefer Katherine, Kathy, or Katie?”

“Um, actually I go by Kitty.”

Zoe nodded, then lifted the resume. “I see you have a lot of background in the office software we use.”

“Oh yes, ma’am. We used it in college, and in most of the places where I interned.”

“And one of those internships was in the exact same field as our business.”

“Yes, ma’am. I learned a lot from that, and I feel I can put that knowledge to good use here.”

“You also have three letters of recommendation, all gushing with praise. And I’ve spoken with two of the people here, they’re really sure you can do this.”

“They were wonderful mentors, ma’am.”

Zoe put the papers down. “Well, what can I say? I’d very much like you to start on Monday, if you could.”

“Oh, that would be wonderful, Ms. Morton, thank you so much!” She jumped out of the chair and stretched out her hand, and Zoe shook it, congratulating her. Then Kitty suddenly grew nervous again. “There’s, um, just one thing I need to tell you.”


“I … um-m-m … have this medical condition? And, uh … well … I’ll need a break each day to, uh-h-h … take care of it?”

“You mean, to administer medication?”

“Uh-h-h … not exactly.”

“Well, what then?” The girl bit her lip again, fidgeting and looking around the room. “Kitty, if you’re going to work for me, then you have to be completely honest with me, even if you find it embarrassing. So … what is it that you need to do?”

Kitty shuddered as she took a deep breath, and then revealed with a stammer: “Well, it’s … I get spontaneously … aroused, and … I have to masturbate to orgasm during the workday.”

Zoe raised her eyebrows and pursed her lips, taking a pensive pose with one hand to her chin, index finger on her cheek. “And you don’t have a special somebody to help you take care of this?”

“Well, nights and weekends, yes. But … I also get these, um … episodes … during the workday, so … I need to do it if I’m going to … function.”

Zoe nodded, standing there silently, as Kitty also stood there, continuing to fidget. Then the boss went to her office door, locked the deadbolt, and strode back to her desk. “That’s so we won’t be disturbed. Kitty, I’d like to propose another option. You don’t have to do it, and refusing it won’t affect your employment status. I just think it might be more … enjoyable.”

Kitty gave her a glance that revealed a mixture of curiosity and apprehension. “W-What is it?”

Zoe gestured with her finger for her to come around to the side of the desk. Once she was there, she pulled open the right bottom drawer to reveal the strapon dildo. Kitty’s eyes bulged, and she swallowed hard.

“You … want to use that on me?”

“It’s up to you, Kitty. If you prefer to just go to the bathroom and do it solo, I’ll respect that. But I’m going to be as honest with you as I expect you to be with me. You’re cute as all get-out, and I’d very much like to fuck you whenever you get horny.” Kitty covered her mouth with both hands. “You’ve got the job, whether you say yes or no to this. Okay? And if you need time to think about it – ”

“Yes!” she blurted out.

Zoe smiled, and took a step closer. “You’re sure.”

She nodded. “I’m sure. In fact … I am … ” Kitty trembled, almost struggling to breathe.

“Are you horny right now?”

“Y-Yes, ma’am.”

Zoe chuckled as she clasped her hands behind Kitty’s neck. “Well, how fortunate,” she murmured, “because … ” She paused to give her a long, soft kiss, Kitty kissing her back, slipping her hands about Zoe’s waist as their tongues danced together.

“You’re horny, too?”

“Mmm, very much so!”

They kissed again, harder, more frantic, while they kicked off their shoes, undid buttons and zippers, and pulled clothes off their bodies …

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