Freed from her sheltered and repressive upbringing, Naomi McCoy decides to pursue her deepest sexual desires. After placing an online ad, she meets the older and more experienced Madame Véronique, who agrees to take her as her submissive and help her live out her many fantasies of being seduced, used and dominated. They are joined by Miss Connie, whose more aggressive style of dominance complements Madame’s more genteel approach — and soon, other friends take part in fleshing out Naomi’s erotic fantasies as well…


By the time she returned to the den, Madame and Mistress Em were outside making final preparations. She found her panties laid out on the sofa, and her shoes nearby on the floor. The girl put them on, then went to the glass door and looked about. Everything seemed the same, and no sign of the two women. It was somewhat sunny, and she slid open the door to get an idea of the temperature – not very warm, yet mild enough for her to step outside.

Madame now approached from the woods, robe open and flowing, a slight smile on her lips. The girl smiled back, stepping onto the patio and waiting for her. The lady stopped a couple of feet in front of her, just enough to reach over and put one finger under her chin.

“Ready, my girl?”

She felt a shiver of anticipation as she nodded in response.

“Very good. Follow me, then. Mistress Em is waiting.”

The girl walked behind the domina as they meandered into the woods. When they reached the clearing where everything had set up, she turned to look in the direction of the house, seeing just a trace of the second story and deck through the leaf cover. In the middle of the small clearing, a tarp had been spread and anchored, and four blankets spread over it. The girl noticed a familiar box at the corner nearest them. One of the stools from the den’s bar had been set up inside, and the Mistress stood next to it waiting.

Madame stopped at the edge of the prepared space and turned to her submissive. “Come, girl. Here next to me.” The girl took her place, standing next to the lady. “Now,” she instructed, “remove your shoes and enter.” Off slipped the first shoe, her bare foot onto the soft quilt, then the other. “Three steps forward.” One, two, three. “That’s good. Now, Mistress Em, what would you like the girl to do?”

She lowered her head and gave a stern gaze. “Panties off.”

The girl peeled them off and tossed them to the side.

“Very good, girl,” Madame praised her.

The Mistress gave a small smile of approval, then removed her kimono and carefully laid it on the blanketed area behind the stool before seating herself. She extended her right arm, snapping her fingers and pointing down. The girl understood the silent command, and knelt naked. Two more snaps, two more times the pointing finger flicked downwards. But the girl was perplexed.

“I believe,” Madame interpreted, “Mistress desires that you be on all fours.”

For many people, the thought of such a command would trigger deep aversion, even indignation – but not for submissives like Naomi. For her, this was a way of displaying her devotion to serve, and her willingness to trust those worthy of her gift. And so she gladly leaned forward onto her hands, and when the Mistress signaled, crawled to her with grace and joy. And when she reached her, the heady aroma of her boots enraptured her. She waited anxiously to hear the Mistress give the order.

“So you like my boots, girl?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“And you want to worship them?”

“Please, Mistress!”

She extended a leather-clad foot towards her. “Begin.”

The girl ran her hand along the side, and leaned forward to kiss. Languidly, she progressed upwards, alternating from one boot to the other, caressing with her lips, kissing with her fingers, delighting in both sensation and service. When she reached the top, the Mistress silently directed her to stop, then rose from the stool…

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