When Danni takes a new job in a new city, she finds an apartment like no other. Not only does she have a great roommate and upstairs neighbors, but their live-in landlady Isabelle has a beautiful slave girl who is willing to service all of them – in every way. There are protocols and limits, of course, and Isabelle has a rather Victorian demeanor, but Danni soon finds herself enjoying the pleasures of dominating and using this delightful and most willing slut, including bondage, spanking, caning, and intense role playing. Arrangements are even made to live out their wildest fantasies – from having an office whore to seducing an ingénue, to life on a private island. These are “extra amenities” she and her friends are not likely to forget!


The girl brought in the tea cart and began to serve tea to everyone, knowing in advance each lady’s preference. As she did, Isabelle began a new topic of conversation: “Well, I’d like to share with you how delighted my girl has been providing her services to all of you ladies.”

“Well,” Danni offered, “we enjoy every minute of it.” Everyone else smiled in agreement, as they sipped their tea and gazed at the scantily-clad slave, now kneeling at the feet of her Mistress.

“That’s very kind of you, Miss Danni. I do like to see that my tenants are happy under my roof. And to that end, I’d like to suggest something – a little game, if you will. Imagine, if you will, an erotic fantasy in which my girl would be the object of your desire. What would it be?” The four of them looked at one another with wondrous expressions, but said nothing. “Oh, come now, ladies, don’t be shy! Miss Danni, perhaps you could get us started.”

She looked upwards, humming as she thought. “Well, I’ve always wondered what it would be like to seduce some pretty young thing, just turned eighteen. Take her to my house, she’s scared and yet so full of repressed desire. And then I turn her into a shameless little slut!”

Georgie couldn’t help giggling, and Zandra gave her a swat. “And what might yours be, Miss Georgie?”

Caught off guard, she shrugged her shoulders. Zandra then prompted her: “What about that incident at school you told me about?”

“Yes, please,” Isabelle insisted, “we’d all love to hear.”

Georgie fidgeted in her chair. “Well, I was at boarding school, sharing a room with two other girls. One day I walked in and saw Brenda in bed, obviously playing with herself. I just stepped out of the room, and never said anything. But, I always wondered … What if I, like, threatened to tell the dorm mother, or Brenda’s mother, about what I saw, unless…”

Everyone gave an ominous and knowing moan, understanding perfectly well where this would be leading. Isabelle was especially bemused. “Imagine,” she proposed, “if you and the third roommate were to do so!”

Laughs and hoots all around, as Georgie called out: “Oh, that would be really awesome!”

Isabelle looked about, and Laurie now signaled her willingness to share: “Well, I work in this posh button-down office. The company is great, offers all of these incredible fringe benefits, including free access to a spa with massage therapists. But just imagine working at a place which provided a sex slave. She’d have to walk around naked, check in on everyone: ‘Excuse me, ma’am, would you like to take your fuck break now?'”

More laughs and catcalls, and Zandra now jumped in: “Listen, I’ve already had my big fantasy acted out.”

“The woods?”

“Exactly. But how about having the girl pull a train? You could end the day with a big office party, her lying on a mat or something – ”

“Oh, that’s delicious!” Laurie agreed, and the others voiced agreement as well.

“Well,” Isabelle now said to them, “these are all quite imaginative, and I can see the challenge in trying to stage their fulfillment. Still, I’m sure I could work something out in the next month or two.”

That’s when the room grew silent, until Georgie finally spoke up: “You mean – ”

“I did say I like to keep my tenants happy. And if I have access to locations which might be used for such a purpose – ”

“And a willing slave girl,” Zandra added.

“Precisely. So, why don’t you put these ideas of yours in writing, to flesh out the details, and we’ll see what we can do.”

“Hey, Georgie,” Laurie called out. “Can I be the third roommate?”

“Yeah, I love that idea!”

“I got another idea you’ll love,” Zandra cut in. She reached across and down between her lover’s legs, …

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